Beautification Project

The Te Atatu Peninsula Business Association is tidying up our town. We are methodically addressing untidy gardens, damaged or missing infrastructure and street maintenance. We are doing this by working with Auckland Council, landlords and business owners, to find solutions. Since meeting with Council officers for example, some of the problem gardens were found to be Council responsibility and are now to be included in a regular maintenance schedule. Here is an example, from Te Atatu Road:

tatpen-beautification-before tatpen-beautification-after

The gardens outside the Gunner Drive block with Cupboard Love, Thai Peninsula etc, are looking great, thanks to pro-active landlord Boun Khan. He has cleared, re-barked and will be adding some new planting, along with handrails for the stairs.

Keep an eye out for more changes around town – it won’t happen over night, but it will happen!