About Te Atatu Peninsula Business Association

Welcome to Te Atatu Peninsula – you have found what you need! This site, developed by the Te Atatu Peninsula Business Association, provides information on local businesses, community organisations and events, Peninsula walks and history, and general information such as important contact numbers.

Te Atatu Peninsula operates a Business Improvement District (BID) programme in a partnership with Auckland Council, enabling the business association to market and promote the town centre.

Check out our business promotions and other customer information on this site and for more information about the BID programme and how it works, see the Auckland Council website.

Funding for this website and all Te Atatu Peninsula Business Association activities comes directly from the town centre’s commercial ratepayers. Additional support where required comes from Auckland Council and the Henderson Massey Local Board. If you would like to make a contribution to this site or have any queries, please contact the Town Centre Manager Robynne Pringle.

Strategic Plan


Te Atatu Peninsula town centre has a strong brand identity. It continues to embrace growth and change, but at the same time is proud to honour and retain its unique character.

Te Atatu Peninsula is the place to be.

We celebrate our strong sense of community, village atmosphere, stunning coastal location and proximity to the CBD.

We are a self-sufficient sanctuary for locals and a special destination for visitors; offering a unique blend of thriving speciality stores, great businesses and a full range of services.


To fulfil its’ vision the Te Atatu Peninsula Business Association will focus on the following goals:

  1. A strong and well-supported business association
  2. A clear and recognised brand for Te Atatu Peninsula
  3. A town centre that always looks its best

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