New bus network approved for West Auckland

Final decisions – New network for public transport

Between October and December 2014 the TAPBA provided feedback on the New Public Transport Network for West Auckland as part of their consultation. Auckland Transport advises that final decisions have been made on the bus routes and frequencies, subject to their affordability, as determined by the tendering of bus services and appointment of bus operator. Key changes as a result of feedback:

  • Additional peak Te Atatu Peninsula express service to the City (W51).
  • Additional peak Te Atatu South express service from Henderson via Te Atatu Rd to the City (W52X).
  • Additional peak Glen Eden expresses service via New Lynn to City (W25X) serving the Glen Eden area furthest from rail.
  • Extending the Helensville W79 service at peak times to the City as an express service via North-western Motorway (W79X). The route will join the motorway at Royal Rd and not use Great North Road.
  • Routing Glendene service (W31) to travel via Great North Rd to Henderson instead of James Laurie St.
  • Routing Ranui services along Metcalfe Rd (W61 & W62).
  • Routing service through Henderson Valley shops.
  • Routing service along southern part of Central Park Dr (W64).
  • Routing service along Rosier Rd (W23) to New Lyn.
  • Extending Sunnyvale route to New Lynn (W23).

The possibility of a busway along the North-Western motorway is being investigated and depending on the outcome could change the bus network in the north-west corridor.The New Network for west Auckland is expected to be introduced in late 2016.
To view the consultation summary report visit their website.