New Era for Local Store

There is a new atmosphere in Peninsula Stationary and Gifts. It seems lighter, brighter and more upbeat and it’s thanks to new owners, Rashmita and Minesh Patel.

Paint and spring cleaning have made a world of difference, and Minesh says dropping prices and offering new services have also helped and now the familiar little business is picking up trade. During the six months the Patels have been part of the Peninsula business community, they have been warmly welcomed – so much so that Rashmita and Minesh want to move here with their three year old daughter as soon as they can, from Mount Wellington. “We have had good support from the locals” he says “We feel welcome and we want to move here at the end of this year or early next year.”

Minesh learnt watchmaking in India, and after seven years in the trade moved to Auckland where he has been employed at Ellerslie Jewellers for the last 12 years as a senior engraver and jewellery repairman. He is still there part-time and works in the stationary store during the rest of the week.

Some of the services he provides are surprising – waterproofing of watches, and servicing of hearing aids and car alarms, for example. Minesh says he would love to provide jewellery repair and engraving to his Peninsula customers but there is just not enough room in the little shop for the work space required, as the shelves are full of a great range of stationary, gifts, magasines and cards. If you haven’t been in and seen the changes since the Patels arrived, be sure to drop by and say hello, and welcome.