Town centre masterplan – TAPBA submission to HMLB

TAPBA has made two submissions on behalf of our members, to the Henderson Massey Local Board Plan 2023. The first seeks an urgent traffic/transport review and the second (below) seeks a town centre masterplan.

The Te Atatū Peninsula Business Association (TAPBA) submits that our community urgently needs a town centre masterplan plan to serve as a blueprint for development going forward.

The Peninsula is experiencing exponential housing and population growth, and the next few years will also see several key commercial sites being developed. Meanwhile the existing streetscape remains in the 1980’s and there is no cohesive plan for development in our town centre, which sits at the heart of our community.

Since 2014, TAPBA has submitted regularly to long term and annual budgets, stating the need for a town centre upgrade. More recently we asked that a concept plan be developed, as a stepping–stone toward achieving this goal. Reasons given were that the town centre has not been upgraded for several decades, the Peninsula is experiencing intensive population growth and the level of investment being contributed by private landowners is significant.   

TAPBA has held forums of property owners and key stakeholders to discuss our collective vision for the future. There is general agreement that we need better connectivity and infrastructure, more walkability, and more mixed use retail/residential. We need a town centre that is safe to walk and cycle around.

We ask that the Henderson Massey Local Board commits to the urgent establishment of a masterplan plan for the Te Atatū Peninsula town centre, that can serve as a blueprint for development going forward. In a time when the community may feel it has no control over the massive changes taking place in our neighbourhood, we ask that the community is involved in creating this plan. We ask that a streetscape upgrade be prioritised as soon as the plan is in place.